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Uganda Media Women’s Association provides specialized training in developmental communication, policy, human rights, reproductive health, public speaking, lobbying and advocacy, etc.

UMWA has for the past ten years benefited from the Fredskorpset Norway exchange program where its own 22 women journalists have been exchanged with other professional media women associations in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Ethiopia, Nepal and Norway.

UMWA has engaged a number of women journalists to understand the dynamics of democratic electoral processes by designing educational messages on governance issues to reach the whole country, train journalists in electoral processes in order to ensure that citizens are informed and are able to choose their leaders.

48 female journalists have benefited from different scholarships both locally (Uganda Management Institute) and internationally.

The capacity building program has helped women journalists gain skills and experience in development communication and gender balanced reporting, this has led to an increase of women in news rooms, editors, productions and talk show hosts and others.

UMWA trained over 100 journalists in child rights issue and engaged 21 editors on issues  on child sexual abuses. This project led to increase in the number of journalists submitting stories on the abuses.

The empowerment of women journalists has led to increase in the number of local women participation in developmental processes thus making better choices of preferred leaders, decision making and economic empowerment.

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