Membership Categories


  1. This is open to female practicing journalists with an interest in the values and objectives UMWA
  2. Students pursuing journalism from a recognized university
  3. Honorary membership that can be conferred to exceptional individuals


Membership Benefits


  • Count on a friend in need
  • Solidarity with other women journalists
  • Share/ gain knowledge and skills
  • Can utilize UMWA’s rich resource centre
  • Can get scholarship for short and long courses related to journalism.
  • Participate in organizational activities
  • Participate in skills development courses
  • Exercise leadership skills when elected on UMWA Board
  • Can do internship at UMWA


Membership requirements


  • Download  and fill this  Membership Application Form
  • Submit the form, your updated curriculum Vitae and passport number
  • Pay membership fees of Ug shs 30,000 and annual subscription fees of Ug shs 20,000
  • UMWA will get back to you in 5 working days with a written communication confirming your membership