“For women to access internet, they need to be in groups”. Sylivia Kirabira says at a follow up internet access training.

Accessing internet in groups becomes affordable and cost effective for women. They will be able to realize the fullness of internet in changing their lives.

Sylvia expresses fear that not all women are privileged to enjoy this right. She cited transport costs to the internet café. For example most of the internet cafes are located in urban areas.

Illiteracy prohibits women from benefitting from internet access. “Usually women are suspicious when they see young women going to the café. The women lack knowledge on internet usage” says Sylivia.

“My friend encouraged me to use the internet as often. But I was very reluctant because I didn’t know the benefits of using it” she adds. Though she managed to open an email she could not access it. This training has helped Sylivia gain a deeper understanding of internet. She says, “I am happy I opened a g-mail account by myself!”

img_2793Nansereko Jackie a student of envisaged internet for reading emails. “It is amazing to see that internet is useful to students in any type of course work” she says. The training has changed my perception towards internet use. She uses Google for research to enable her perform well in her exams.

With only 500/= daily Tuhirirwe Honest enjoys the comfort of reading newspapers using her Nokia phone. “Reading newspapers keeps me updated knowing what is happening around the world” she says. While in a week she spends 3500/= and 15,500/= monthly. Internet phone is cheaper for her as compared to accessing internet at a café. It involves costs like transport, internet fee which is 1000/= for 20 minutes. She agrees group internet cafes are good for women.

Honest joined the bandwagon of skypers. Catherine Apalat one of the facilitator empowered Honest to use skype. In the same room, Catherine was on the extreme right while Honest was on the opposite side. “Hello Honest, welcome to Skype” says Catherine. Honest replies thank you.

Elizabeth Gin wonders what would be the best way for market women to access internet. Rebecca Birungi, one of the facilitator says group internet is good for women. Arguably the costs are shared among women as compared to an individual woman. Joan Nankya also a facilitator emphasized the need to train women on internet access.


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